Self Portraits

I paint a self portrait in oils every year, sometimes more when using myself as model and in other media.

These are presented
in reverse chronological order.

Self Portrait as Deliveratrix
Self-portrait as Deliveratrix, oils on canvas, 18x28in, 2016.

Self Portrait without Reference
Self-portrait Without Reference, oils on canvas, 24x30in, 2015.

Self Portrait age 29
Selfie, oils on linen, 27x27in, 2014.

Self Portrait age 28
Portrait of my Ass, oils on canvas, 24x48in, 2013.

Age 27
Self Portrait in Dysphoria, oils on linen, 23x42in, 2012.

Self-Portrait with Negative Feedback, 2011, oils on canvas, 28×36 in. Made in a mirror on which I requested visitors write criticism, during “I Hate Art” at Tribes


Self Portrait through video chat (25), 2010, oils on canvas, 24×18 in. Led eventually to Teleportraiture.


Self-Portrait in Recession (24), 2009, oils on canvas, 23 x 42 in


Portrait of the Artist as Grad Student, 2008, oils on canvas, 23 in x 60 in


self-portrait at 22


Self-Portrait as Painting. Taking the traditional allegorical role in reference to Artemisia Gentilesci but with many self-insulting features. The inscription above the head reads “No day without a line” (these days, a fine art lifestyle to which I perversely or lazily don’t adhere) and below, reflected, “Imitation”, my primary and perhaps only artistic skill. Oils on linen, 32″x42″

Daisy X. Mackinac. My self-portrait entry in my series of role-playing portraits. Oils on canvas, 2’x4′.

Self-portrait at 19. Oil on elliptical canvas, 16″x20″.


The Self Portrait, 18 years old, details and progress shots of which you can see here


Self-Portrait at Seventeen

selfportrait at sixteen






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