Artist’s Statement

Janet Bruesselbach was raised by scientists in California in the 1980s. She attended RISD for a BFA in Illustration (2006), and the New York Academy of Art for an MFA in figurative painting (2009). She lives and works out of a studio in Queens, New York, where she lives with her spouse and child.

Bruesselbach’s work limns speculative realism in the social position of figurative oil painting. Its imaginative experiment seeks cyborg feminism, representing embodied subjects within non-representational, generative spaces. The artist’s network of biological mechanism and historical influence manifests as emphatic lucidity and pulp surrealistic excess moderated with pragmatic humor.

Movements are always evading dominant narratives, orienting to and aiming to benefit humans whose lives diversify potential realities. Compositions often deliberately challenge expectations of spatial orientation, setting, linguistic consistency, and aesthetic values, while still being driven by instinctive preferences of beauty and an embrace of sensual and popular imagery and themes.