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Exhibition May 18-31, 2012

Opening Reception Friday, May 18th, 7-9pm

Space Womb Gallery
22-48 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

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Teleportraiture is a series of small, intimate oil portraits, painted from live poses, by remote video chat, via Skype, Google Hangout, or iChat. Janet Bruesselbach launched Teleportraiture in 2011 as a Kickstarter campaign.  The subject of each portrait is a backer of the campaign, or a loved one volunteered by the backer.

Janet is pleased to announce that the 45 resulting paintings, completed between October 2011 and February 2012, will be displayed in a 2-week gallery exhibition in New York City, in downtown Long Island City, to be more precise.  Attendance at the opening reception on Friday, May 18th, will also be possible remotely through a simultaneous online video chat.

The pricing and experimentalism of the series made the fine art portrait experience open to people who had never before considered commissioning one. The subjects include the artist's friends and relatives as well as people met only through the campaign, and only online.  Some posed from the other side of the world, others from the same room, all framed by their computer screens. The ages of subjects ranged from under a year old to septuagenarian.  Many subjects had never used video chat before.  The project reflects a moment when a flexible technology is still finding its social niche.

Janet has been working as a portrait artist since she was 15, and was further trained at RISD and the New York Academy of Art.  Her painting is traditional but fresh and lively, and feeds on the energy of interaction with a live subject.  Paintings reflect on both the artist's personality and her subjects'.  Yet as artifacts of sittings, they are not quite realistic, and often contain traces of awkwardness in every level of communication.

Some of the portraits remain available for purchase, as are a limited number of catalogs.  The artist will be working in the gallery and will be available for live video chat Monday (21, 29), Tuesday (22, 30), and Thursday (24), from 12-6pm EST.  The gallery is also open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 12-6pm.  To commission a portrait during this or another time, to schedule a viewing, and for any other inquiries, contact: janet@bruesselbach.com (310) 617-3366

Introductory video

Lauren, oils on canvas, 10x7 in.

10-minute intro with Lauren (view on youtube)

Thanks to those backers not featured in portraits:
  • Sam Perry
  • Gaylord Rohloff
  • Kyle Wonser
  • Matthew Spitzer
  • David Schimer
  • Mimi Ray
  • Saurabh Tak
  • Alex Pretzlav
  • Elisabeth Cohen
  • Debra Sayler
  • Mike Ambs
  • Kevin Clark
  • Bethany Schwartz
  • Vivian Minden
  • Elliot Gerard
  • Mary Steele
  • Ochen K.
  • Vivian Minden
  • Kari
  • Mary Steele
  • Fran Keeley
  • woj sven-woj
  • Catherine Gura
  • Joy M Seldin
  • Lauren Raab
  • Sam Pocker
  • Dan Tarnowski
  • Miguel Oddmin
  • Kris Haamer
Amanda, oils on canvas, 10x8 in.
Allison, oils on canvas, 9x11 in.

Casey, oils on linen, 13x10 in.

Demo video with Casey

Matt, oils on canvas, 13x10in.
Michael, oils on panel, 9x7in.
Playwright and political columnist,
over Skype from Los Angeles, CA.
Monica, oils on canvas, 16x12in.
The artist's mother, retired laser engineer and violinist, from Malibu, CA.
Kaethe, oils on canvas, 9x7in.
The artist's sister, a math graduate student,
from Manhattan over Google Hangouts.
Lucy, oils on canvas, 9x12in.
Arielle, oils on panel, 7x9in.
Student in biophysics, over Google Hangouts from Stanford, CA.
Shane, oils on canvas, 6.5x9in.
Digital Media professor
over Google Hangouts from Ohio.
Craig, oils on canvas, 8x6.5in.
Over Google Hangouts from Brighton, UK
Linsey, oils on panel, 11x9in.
Comparative literature student and fellow nerd groupie.
over Skype, from San Francisco.
Josh, oils on canvas, 9x7in.
Over Google Hangouts from Sunnyside, NY
Maddie, oils on panel, 10x8in.
My muse, over iChat, holographically, from the moon.
Katharina, oils on canvas, 10x7in.
My aunt, an artist, teacher, and sage
over Google Hangouts from Yorba Linda, CA
Morgan, oils on canvas, 8x7in.
antifolk neoblues musician, over Google Hangouts from Brooklyn, NY
Deirdre, oils on panel, 9x7in.
Over Google Hangouts from Melbourne, Australia.
Tommy, oils on canvas, 9x7in.
Art student from Iowa over Google Hangouts.
Peter, oils on canvas, 16x12in.
Professor and researcher in adolescent psychology, and the only high school friend I still talk to, while both in L.A., over Skype.
Priscilla, oils on panel, 10x8in.
Photographer and art professor at U.Delaware,
over Google Hangouts from her mother's house in Pennsylvania.
Beverly, oils on linen, 9x12in.
Retired social worker and artist, mother of my friend Nada,
over Google Hangouts from Minneapolis, MN.
Jessica Hammer, oils on panel, 12x9in.
Gaming researcher, over Google Hangouts.
Luciana and Lanai, oils on panel, 10x8in.
My removed cousin, marine ecologist Lua, and her very active daughter, from São Paolo, Brazil.
Francesca Cavallari, oils on canvas, 12x9in.
Particle physicist working at CERN, over Skype.
Susannah Speller, oils on panel, 8x10in.,
Materials scientist, from Oxford, UK, over Google Hangouts.
Vanessa Huxter, oils on canvas, 12x9in.
Physicist, over Google Hangouts, from Berkeley, CA
David Alvarado, oils on panel, 10x8in.
Documentary filmmaker, filmed on location in Tanzania
for Long for this World, over Skype.
Matthew Isaac, oils on canvas, 11x8.5in.
Comics maker, over Google Hangouts, from Astoria, NY
Robert Scott, oils on panel, 8x10in.
Illustrator and web designer, from Manhattan over Google Hangouts.
Ricardo Meyer, oils on panel, 6x8in.
Political public relations manager, and removed cousin,
from São Paolo, Brazil, over Skype.
Laura, oils on canvas, 6x8in
High school student and photography enthusiast
from Florida over iChat.
Sedge, oils on canvas, 12x12in.
Michael Gruver, oils on canvas, 11x9in.
Ben Gruver, oils on canvas, 11x9in
Ben is a software engineer for Google. He commissioned portraits of himself and his brother Michael.
Barbara Soule, oils on canvas, 10x8in
Over Google Hangouts from Anchorage, AK. Barbara is an artist, writer, and activist.
Joshua Skrzypek, oils on panel, 10x8in
Over Google Hangouts from Westwood, CA
Dakota Blair, oils on panel, 10x8in
From the artist's studio, on the other side of the room, over Google Hangouts.
Tom Plaskon, oils on panel, 10x8in
Over gchat from Toronto.
Adrian Hon, oils on panel, 10x8in
Painted over Skype, from London. A History of the Future in 100 Objects, ZOMBIES, RUN!
Connie, oils on canvas, 9x12in
Headhunter, commissioned by husband Sam, over Skype from Austin TX.
Kathy, Pete, and Kate, oils on canvas, 16x12in
Over Skype, from Sunnyvale, CA