Daughters of Mercury 2016 Calendar

This 28-page, 12-month 2016 wall calendar, 12x12in, hole punched, saddle-stitch bound, on high-quality color on 80# glossy paper, features the first 12 paintings in Daughters of Mercury, Janet's series of full-length oil paintings of trans women she loves and admires. Each portrait is accompanied with a text by the subject. Most U.S. and major religious holidays, as well as a few international and topical days, are indicated.

NOTE: I finally noticed that the weeks should start at Sunday. Don't know how that happened but like, write in the real days of the week if you buy this. Oops. Discounted further for this reason.


Each was painted from a live modeling session in which the subject controlled how they wanted to be seen, and the artist celebrates the beauty and diversity of trans women while avoiding tropes usually found in depictions of trans women by cis people. The calendar and series was funded by a Kickstarter, for which it was the most common reward. To make a 2017 calendar happen, back the Indiegogo.


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