Daughters of Mercury progress

I’ve completed the first set of 12 portraits for Daughters of Mercury! Browse below or through the Gallery.


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2014, oils on canvas, 29x37in.

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Daughters of Mercury Kickstarter

Daughters of Mercury

I’m running a Kickstarter until October 26 asking for your support painting a series of full-length oil portraits of trans women, that transcend their conventional depictions in art and media. Rewards include wall calendars, prints, and original paintings. Click above to view a preview or support after Sunday, September 21. If we don’t reach the goal, I can’t pay the models, cover travel costs, or pay for my time and materials, so I won’t make art. If you can’t spare, share. Thank you!

View video below:

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Alice Atlas, oil on canvas, 29x37in, May 2014.

This portrait of my beautiful friend Alice may be the first in a series of full-size portraits of trans women, only some of whom will be floating nude in psychic space with toilet halos.

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Selfie, oil on linen, 27x27in, 2014.
The latest installment in yearly self portraits.

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2014 Astrae Calendars

This 8.5x11 (11x17 hanging) wall calendar contains 12 Astrae drawings, many new this year and none repeated from previous years' calendars.  Also, unlike previous years, this calendar includes digital drawings from models of more than one gender! The first batch were painstakingly printed with Epson high-quality inkjet on brochure paper and lovingly hand-stapled and -hole-punched. Below and around the digital nude figure sketches integrated into space photos, the 2014 calendar contains all U.S., major Christian and Jewish holidays, and an artist photo and bio.


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I am really proud of this year’s calendar! It has many new sketches, great older sketches of male models, and lost masterpieces, plus an artist photo and bio. This isn’t digital art as you know it, but something weirder, a nude sketcher’s adaptation to extreme self-assigned restrictions, a parasite on the space photography manipulator’s art. Printed and assembled with my very own blood, sweat, and tears. Buy one for yourself, or for everyone you like.


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Worldcon Art Show

I’ll be selling at Lonestarcon in San Antonio this coming Labor Day Weekend. I’m bringing these prints:


And these originals:

Hope to see you there!

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More Astrae

I’ve been digitally sketching on laptop or iPad from live models in under 20 minutes at figure drawing meetups around NYC. Models included Apathy Angel, Tynesha Eaton, and Louisa Ashleigh. Backgrounds collected from astronomy blogs.

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Summer Stars

A few more digital sketches, from a June 19th session in Brooklyn with model Tea Eaton.

Backgrounds are the smaller Magellanic cloud and Orion nebula in false color infrared.


View more Astrae here.

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We Have Always Been Post Art

This was a commission that took me in a new abstract cyberpunk direction.  It became laborious and confused but please encourage me to do more like it.


We Have Always Been Post Art, oils on canvas, 18x18in, 2013.

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Velvet Paintings

I’ve decided to venture into the glowing world of 20th century kitsch and do some velvet paintings, particularly of appropriate internet memes.  The first was a request to convert an anonymous artist’s drawing, and I’m already offering prints.  The others were intuitive choices.  Now I need to do more – looking for more obscure loci of sentimentality, especially that can be given Elvis or Clown treatments.

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IKEA monkey, oil on velvet, 6x9in.


Tardar Sauce, oil on velvet, 6x8in.


Pokey, oils on canvas, 6x8in

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