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Art Clearance

I’ve made all shipping free for your holiday shopping. The store is full of original oil paintings at barely more than the cost of shipping, because I’m moving soon and want to get these out of storage and on walls.

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Insert old timey construction gif here

I switched hosts, and there may still be some problems with the wordpress install, so if you run into anything broken, email me.  In the meantime, the pages for Teleportraiture and Blind Reproduction, my most recent projects, are still relatively stable.  Catalogs are for sale for the latter, and of course commissions of the former, while […]

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Blind Reproduction

Do you see, over to the right, that widget for an indiegogo campaign?  And up there, under “projects”, Blind Reproduction?  That’s a curatorial project I bullied 30 people into, and I make a point of paying people for their work.  Time is running out, and we need sponsors, supporters, everything, so we can print a […]

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Welcome to Janet Bruesselbach’s newly redesigned site.  Be patient as we work out the kinks, and please contact Janet with any suggestions or bugs you run into. The old custom “Gnarwal” site is now at

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